Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Matt Berry Podcast: A Short, Sharp Shambles

(Many thanks to guest reviewer Clive Pounds for weighing in on this Podcast!)

You can’t get into the iTunes comedy chart at the moment for the swathes of Absolute Radio or 6Music podcasts devoted to comedians who’ve helmed their stations – no matter how brief their tenure. The two of them, quite understandably, stick up podcasts for their regular presenters – but will also devote a whole ‘cast to one comedian who happens to be standing in for a couple of weeks – and that takes up valuable places in the ruddy chart! Great advertising for the broadcasters (both of which I really like) but terrible news for us lower-rent podcasters trying to get some recognition. Yes! MOAN, MOAN, MOAN!

I’m not sure if the Matt Berry podcast is one of these short-lived ad-spot podcasts, but I hope it isn’t. It’s either brilliantly inept or pre-programmed to seem so and, either way, it’s very, very funny. You probably know Berry from The Mighty Boosh, or love his work in Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace or, if you’re a devotee, will be able to quote his work in Snuff Box.

In his own vehicle, he’s able to demonstrate his musical side more easily, whilst also rudely interrupting guests with stingers, disrespecting Garth Marenghi’s vast canon of work to his face and, more worryingly, having surreal interior dialogues about his ability to DJ.

It’s a short, sharp shambles – free to download and highly recommended. Even if it only lasts for three shows.