Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Jaycast: Playing Up or Breaking Down?

Jay Wellstead is either a comedy genius of the highest order or an awkward amateur. Halfway through the Jaycast you would think the latter, but you won’t believe how it ends.

Broadcasting from the imaginatively titled “Jaycast House”, Jay brings us his slice of Podcast pie with a random assortment of Podsafe music and an embarrassingly over-the-top radio voice that would make Smashy and Nicey from Harry Enfield’s Television Show cringe. When the songs finish, Jay gives his thoughts on the band. Well, I say “his thoughts”, Jay talks about the band by reading, ad verbatim, the words from their Podshow artist page which doesn’t make for a very good start. After a story from Jay’s life accompanied by bouts of forced laughter and a painful skit called “The Squirrels” you’re just about ready to call it a day...and then the doorbell rings.

The doorbell indicates the arrival of Mr. D, Jay’s fictional neighbour. From here, things take a strange turn. It seems Jay is doing the voices for both characters, but the dialogue is so fast-paced and spontaneous that it leaves you feeling in awe of it all. The Mr. D character turns up and berates Jay endlessly for many real-life issues be it falling over in public, his lack of success with women, his weight, his stupidity and every other major fault he can see punctuated by constant shouts of “Jay, you’re a pillock!” During these scenes, Jay uncomfortably laughs and agrees with everything Mr. D says and makes minimal attempts to defend himself. From this part of the show, you get a real insight into the fragile, dark mind of Jay Wellstead, a guy who seems utterly ashamed and self-loathing. When Mr. D walks in, it’s like you are hearing Jay’s inner thoughts spilling out in the direction of the microphone. Whether this makes compelling or uneasy listening I will leave up to you.

Whilst everything in the first part of the show I find to be drab and cringeworthy, the second part of the show is what keeps me subscribed partly through entertainment and partly through my honest belief that this guy may very well be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I guess I’m subscribed to the show because if I notice him stop updating, I can send the police round to the Jaycast House to check for signs of suicide.

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