Thursday, 18 June 2009

Phill and Phil's Perfect Ten: Rather Fetching

About a year ago, me and my friend attempted to start a Podcast which was based around the two of us picking subject matters from a hat at random. We did two episodes until I discovered, shock horror, that Phill Jupitus was doing the exact same thing! Demoralised, we stopped and I avoided listening to Phill and Phil’s Perfect Ten out of some displaced loyalty to the ill-fated “Cos and Tom Do A Podcast”. When I finally got round to hearing Messrs. Jupitus and Wilding, I was happy to put my efforts to rest and enjoy the masters at work.

“The Perfect Ten” features UK comedians Phill Jupitus and Phil Wilding returning to the audio world for the first time since their departure from BBC 6Music in 2007. This time around there’s no restraints, no censors, no holds barred; just Phill, Phil, a pair of microphones and a ukulele. Oh, and Stephen Fry doing voiceover to give it that extra slice of brilliant.

The rules of The Perfect Ten are simple: Phill Jupitus and Phil Wilding have thirty minutes to get through ten questions submitted by listeners and chosen at random. This setup allows the opportunity to take some unbelievable flights of fancy; one minute they could be talking about weird moments they’ve had in the cinema, the next they are building a fighting cage in the middle of a busy roundabout. The possibilities are completely endless, and that’s when Jupitus and Wilding are at their best, going off on incredible tangents about anything and everything.

The trouble is, these two love talking on the ridiculous so much that they very commonly let time slip through their hands and leave themselves thirty seconds to answer two questions before the time runs out. I’m yet to hear a Podcast that doesn’t have Jupitus and Wilding not so much jogging their memory, but making it sprint to answer a question in under ten seconds. Even when this is happening, it’s funny enough to hear these two well spoken anecdote machines going into a mild state of panic when time begins to catch up with them.

Recently completing two live performances of the show, it does feel like Phill and Phil are back in the cult state they relished in whilst discussing the finer points of gay monkeys on 6Music all those years ago. The show’s structure makes it stand out from a lot of other very good comedy Podcasts out there and incorporates audience participation and borderline insanity very nicely indeed. So far, things we’ve learned from The Perfect Ten are that Phill Jupitus is a dab hand on the ukulele, Phil Wilding wouldn’t say no to a good fight and Stephen Fry makes a perfect addition to any MP3 in the world.

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