Friday, 19 June 2009

The Mothpod: The Mayor Of New Media

Imagine if you had your entire musical knowledge emptied and you had to start all over again. Even with mainstream music you wouldn't know where to begin. This is why I think so many people are cautious of listening to Podsafe music, because it is such a vast area! Where do you start? Where do you end? It's scary stuff. Fans of Alternative and Rock music, though, have a guide into the caverns of independant music: that man is The Mothman.

The Mothpod is an hour-long weekly Podcast not about the host or the guests, but about the music. Zack Daggy, better known as The Mothman, is one of a kind. Spending his days in a pimped out wheelchair, Zack has one hand on the microphone and the other hand on the pulse of the independant scene. He doesn't discriminate or expect prior knowledge, he introduces your ears to sounds and people who have been hand selected by the man himself and he never fails to press all the right buttons.

The show itself is well produced and gives a real feeling of "community" to the Podcasting world, with numerous adverts for other Podcasts and independant workers all chasing the dream. Zack is open to give anybody and everybody a mention if they have something they want to get out in the Podosphere. It makes me wonder if Daggy has ever considered looking into the world of radio syndication...with the industry in a real state of flux in the US of A, maybe a two-hour National Mothman show could be a shot in the arm for the industry.

Zack's work doesn't end at the Mothpod, and Daggy is probably the hardest working Podcaster out there. Simply tying "Zack Daggy" into iTunes brings up a shed load of other projects that the ever-versatile Mothman is working on from panel chat shows like The Pod 5 to audio books. In the Podcast world, it's all about maintaining a presence, and Daggy understands that better than anybody.

There are a lot of music Podcasts out there, but all they seem to do is serve to fill in the gaps and make up the time between the host talking (some offenders have already been covered on this website), but Zack is one of a kind. Zack lives and breathes for the music, and his show is just that. The Mothman is an intelligent and likeable presenter who knows why you're there - for an incredible musical experiment every week. Daggy's success in the Podcasting field has translated into many other occupations, including music journalism and even book writing - with his horror novel Dark Worlds riding extremely high on online book charts everywhere. Zack has achieved this level of success by giving people exactly what they want - good music, full stop.

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